Bicycles #2 – It’s electrifying!!

So, we tried the bicycle built for two, it was fun, but not a transport solution for the poor Gazelle.

Next stop was the electric bicycle. Three million cheers! Imagine suddenly having the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want. No parking hassles, minimal personal energy input, the wind in your beard and, finally, a way to travel with all of your friends.

Oh electric bike we love you!

The Gazelle bought himself an electric bicycle for about $2,000 shortly after we moved to hilly hobart. I know that that sounds like a lot of money, especially for people who are sick and desperately throwing cash at all sorts of cures, but it was worth every cent. Freedom. On. Wheels.

Electric bike we love you!!!

Someone asked me to write about the pros and cons of the electric bike.

Well, lets start with why it is good for the Gazelle:

  • FREEDOM: he can go anywhere, anytime. I think the battery lasts him about 30km which in very hilly Hobart seems like good going.
  • WIND IN HIS HAIR: for an outdoors man, it’s a relief to be back in the elements. His body gets gentle excercise (while you have to pedal to get the motor going, you do not need to actually use any force, so its really just freewheeling)
  • EQUALITY: we can do stuff together, just the way we like it. We get to meet each other and ride home from work (or, when he was still really sick, we could at least ride the short distance to a friend’s house)
  • NORMALITY: it makes him look normal and capable (the downside of this is that as I struggle some metres behind I look like the trailing incompetent girlfriend. I need a sign that says ‘He’s cheating!!’)
  • CHICK MAGNET: ok, maybe not chicks. But geez, nothing pulls a middle aged man like a young fella on an electric bicycle!
  • HAPPINESS: a number of times as I’ve been recovering from glandular fever, the Gazelle has dinked me on the back of his bicycle. Not only does it mean that he gets to look after me, but as I sit daintily, sidesaddle, we get so many happy looks and dopey soppy faces. Happiness. On. Wheels.

Hmmm and the cons…

  • CHARGING: you have to remember to charge it. If the battery runs out it’s a darn heavy bicycle to pedal around (the Gazelle, organised man that he is has never been caught short)
  • EXPENSE: it is quite a lot of money up front. There are cheaper models, but make sure you get something sturdy.
  • BALANCE: some people with CFS don’t have the energy to stay balanced. I still think it’s worth it, just start slowly. We recently recommended an electric bike to a fella with CFS. His seems energy levels seem worse than the Gazelle’s so balance is more of a challenge, but it seems to be helping his mental health at least.

But really, there are no cons… just do it.  Bite the bullet, rent one for a week, borrow one from somewhere (talk to your local bicycle group). It really is freedom on wheels.

Yes! Bicycling adventurers – CFS and all!


2 responses to “Bicycles #2 – It’s electrifying!!

  1. Just thought you should know that I (and earl…) converted an old bike to electric and it is excellent. I am not well enough to use it all the time, but when I do manage to nip down to manly on it, and better yet get back up the hill without overheating it definitely puts a smile on my face.

    so that is a +1 from me for electric bikes as a treatment for CFS. Much better than pacing, you can actually achieve something!

  2. Yay David!
    That’s awesome. A woman from the CFS/ME group from Melbourne rang me and told me that she had just got a red electric bicycle for her birthday and was overjoyed to feel the wind on her cheeks again!
    I hope that you’re managing to ride it more often than not. Well done, well done, well done!!

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